Optimize your Princeton experience.

The DHall Picker tells you which residential college dining hall you should eat at every day.


Hi! I'm Eden Full '15 and I'm on a mission to make my college experience awesome.

What's the story?

In preparation for my return to college after taking time off, I apprenticed at the Software Craftsmanship Guild to learn software development. I built this as one of my capstone projects at the end of 9 weeks of learning how to code.

Princeton undergraduate students normally have to use this site to find the menus for each dining hall. The DHall picker puts all the menus on one page so you can compare different dining halls easily, while also filtering out the things you don't like.

How did you build this?

The DHall Picker is proudly built using the .NET framework. Data from the official Princeton website is scraped every day and stored in a database.

This summer through the Guild and my own self-studies, I learned C#, ASP.NET MVC4, JavaScript, HTML/CSS/jQuery, SQL, object-relational mappers (Entity Framework, Dapper, ADO.NET) and how to apply this knowledge using programming best practices.

Future Functionality

When I have some time later, I'd love to be able to add the following features: